At the Family Practice we Strive to Provide Best in Class Medical Care by working to realize continuous
clinical/office improvement and a "best in class" trained clinical force.

This is a partial list of the services we provide:

Routine Physical Exams

Gynecological Exams

ADHD and ADD Treatment

Alternative Medicine


Women’s Health

Menopause Treatment


Minor surgeries in office

Psychiatry: depression and anxiety

Cardiovascular Medicine,

Diabetes Control

Thyroid Treatment

Immunization (Adult/Adolescent, Childhood)


Pre-Employment and DOT physical examinations

Sinus, allergy, and hearing(Otolaryngology)


Stroke,Neuropathy and other Neurologic Care

Infectious Disease

Urology (Prostate and Bladder problems)

Clinical Pharmacology

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Ear Levage (ear wax cleaning)

Pulmonary Disease and Pulmonary Testing

Radiology and Imaging


Laboratory Medicine

Sports medicine

Sleep Apnea and testing (Polysomnography)

Cardiac Testing and EKG's

Urinary incontinence

Back and Neck Treatment
Geriatric Care Adolescent Medicine Department Of Transportation (DOT) Examinations